PKTM09553 Russian BREM-1 Armoured Recovery Vehicle
Primary role of the BREM-1 ARV is to rescue damaged tanks and armoured vehicles on battlefields with no fixed repair or maintenance facilities. Based on the T-72A MBT chassis, powered by a V-46 multi-fuel diesel engine developing 780hp. Crane lifting capacity ranged from 19tons with jib extended at 2m, to 3tons lift with jib at 4m out. Winch capacity up to 100tons, maximum towing capacity 50tons. Equipped with front dozer blade. Crew of three. Some 340+ BREM-1 vehicles were constructed from the early 1980s to 1990. [NF]
L: 232mm, W: 106mm, 29 sprues + lower hull, Total parts: 1000+
Plastic model assembly kit, requires paint and glue.
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Released Nov'19